Levitating ring and the invading brass band!

Today when I went into class Agasi told me to go have a look in the front window. He said that the square ring was there and it was rotating. I didn’t know what he was talking about. I was pretty sure the ring was back in my bedroom in Bologna and it didn’t have the power to rotate by itself and levitate in mid air.

Via Toscanella
Via Toscanella

He noticed my complete confusion and brought me outside to look in the front window. And there it was! In the front window there’s a flatscreen monitor which features some interior views of the school and photographs of some of the work produced by the students and it plays on a loop. And my square ring made the cut! YAY! There is plenty of other work on the show-reel, way superior to mine, but it was nice to be included. I took a little video, the majority of which gives an idea of what the school looks like, and the square ring is near the end. I was a bit shivery, because I left my jacket inside, so please excuse the shaky-cam. And I almost got squashed by a car trying to get by as I was filming. The street is very narrow as you will see at the end. You can also hear my incredible fluency in Italian as another student exits the building. You can watch the video here.

As if that wasn’t enough to make me smile for the day, I accidentally invited a brass band into the classroom! I might actually be the first person ever to make that claim. This is where not being savvy to the shenanigans of locals can get you into trouble! I could hear the music outside, gradually coming down the street, and naturally turned to look. There was a gang of musicians outside giving it their all and they started waving in at me as I worked at my bench. So, naturally I waved back. BAD IDEA!!! They opened the door and tried to come in!!! I couldn’t stop laughing!!! Ignacio and Agasi came skidding around the corner shouting ‘NO, NO, NOOOOOO!!!!’ and waving tools in the air. The musicians skidaddled before they got a half-round file hopped off their heads. Agasi and Ignacio started laughing and said the musicians will be waiting for me outside when I finish. I said I’d better stay in the studio for the night so! Which actually wouldn’t have been a bad idea anyway, because I have an extra day in class tomorrow and it’s a 7.45 am start! I’ll have to leave the apartment in Bologna at 6am. Ugh! So I must go to bed now. Buonanotte!


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