Thoughts on learning the lingo

As mentioned in a previous post, I've noticed that when I am tired, the language centre of my brain seems to shut down. It's as if the old left hemisphere wants to hit the snooze button and get five more minutes in the sack. When I am travelling from Bologna to Florence by train in the mornings I am normally a bit foggy-headed



Another week has almost passed us by and I haven't had a chance to write anything down. Time seems to be speeding up somehow. Sadly I found out this week that one of my tutors from my old art college, John White, has passed away. He taught me how to weld and was one of two people at Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork who gave me a good understanding of how to work with metals, which has ultimately led me to study at Metallo Nobile in Florence.

A busy, jewellery-making day in Florence

We've been in our new country for two weeks now, and it feels like all of our new experiences are already beginning to blend into an indistinguishable blur of exciting, busy days. Thursday was such a full day that it felt like a week, so I will just try to record most of it in this post for now. I am studying jewellery making at the Metallo Nobile school in Florence and learning through Italian. It is is a bit of a challenge, but easier than I anticipated and really enjoyable.