I’m Noreen, an aspiring jewellery designer, originally from Ireland and now living in Italy. After spending four years living in London myself and my other half Ollie moved to Bologna initially and now Florence. The days are flying past so I need to write things down… before the unique moments of cultural novelty become less so, and it starts to become familiar, and we might forget the wonderment we feel in our new home. I have a terrible capacity to remember anything for any length of time, so this blog will be my diary for the time that we are here, and a way to keep track of my progress on a number of fronts – learning how to make jewellery, learning Italian and learning more about everyday Italian life. I will aim to fill in our earlier experiences as we go along, but for now, for those who might not know, here’s a little bit of background info. We moved to Italy at the end of September 2015. Ollie is an academic, and has worked as a visiting researcher at the University of Bologna. I am a student at the Metallo Nobile school in Florence, where I am studying jewellery making, which is about as close to complete happiness as I can get!


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